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Business IT Services – Network Services

Genesis Global Technologies provides exceptional, expert IT solutions & support to
small and large businesses, government organizations as well as regional locations in our area.

No contract required. No “managed box” you have to fit in.

IT Consulting

Network Engineering & Architecture, Project Management Services, Web Integration Services, Web Marketing & Technology Productivity Analysis.

Genesis Global Technologies helps government and business organizations optimize, implement, integrate, secure, manage  information systems with strategic solutions for simple and complex technology challenges. We’ll help you improve your business by providing realistic technology solutions that encompass your goals, resources, and options.

Security Reviews & Compliance

We specialize in HIPPA, Pillar 3,
SOX Compliance Assessments
& Risk Assessments, Firewall Security & Malware Removal.

Security Reviews: 30-60 minutes per user. Apply & tighten security practices. Make security recommendations and review options with you.

As technology advances, security becomes more complex.  Security management is for policies, accesses, remote issues, web filtering and monitoring.  Strong security measures can save your business. We’ll help you keep threats at bay.

IT Support

We provide 24/7 support, Help Desk, On-Site Break/Fix Desktop & Remote Support, &
System Maintenance.

Unlike many other IT support companies, we believe in providing value to our clients. Therefore, we choose to bill only when there’s work performed and not charge a monthly maintenance billing. Why pay us when you haven’t had any issues or support? Our clients appreciate that we track our time and
bill accordingly. Real Business IT Services.

Cloud Services

Enterprise-class managed file transfer solutions to the cloud. We offer flexible pay as go billing.

Information technology infrastructures are expensive and complex for businesses.  The cloud is one way to free up space by hosting your software, servers, hardware, and applications on the cloud.  We’ll help you set it up and maintain it so you can focus on the business operations.

Virtual CIO

Strategic IT implementation, Procurement, IT Budgeting, Disaster Recovery Planning, Move/Add/Change Projects, and More.

Genesis vCIO provides expert, enterprise level custom tailored cutting edge IT solutions & guidance for small and large businesses.  We’ll help you take care of your business technology so you can take care of your business. We don’t have managed care services as we believe you should only pay us for the work we perform.  Instead of calling your IT department down the hall, you give us a call, and we’ll take care of you on-site or remotely. Real business IT services designed around your business.

Computer Networking

Microsoft Network Engineering, Implementation & Support, Microsoft Exchange Services,
Network & Systems Migration

Genesis offers a full range of computer networking services to cover all your business computer support needs such as  Thin Client/Server Based Computing, Terminal Services, Citrix, Virtual Private Networks, Virtualization, VMWare/Hyper-V, SAN/NAS Storage, & Line of Business Support & Integration. We stay current with
the latest technologies, so our clients receive the best-practices and network services possible.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Develop Disaster Recovery & IT Contingency Plans, Identify Critical IT System Disruptions, Reconfigure Disrupted Systems/Networks & Recover Them.

Genesis Global Technologies will create customized Disaster Recovery Plan for your organization that will help you recover as quickly and effectively as possible from an unforeseen disaster or emergency which disrupts your organizations’ information technology systems & business operations.  Our Disaster Recovery Plan ensures that all employees fully understand their duties in implementing such a plan and that operational policies adhere to within all planned activities. We make sure that the proposed contingency plans are

Mobile Device Management

Smart Phone/Mobile Device Integration,
Exchange Integration, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Application Development.

Genesis Global Technologies IT mobile management services ensures that your critical data is secure. We help you control your mobile ecosystem by integrating your company mobile devices & setting user policies on them.  Integrating mobile devices in your IT ecosystem will give you the freedom to work anytime, anywhere.

About Us



What Keeps Us Up at Night

Technology never goes to sleep! Two big things keep us from sleeping as well: First, we continually think about what’s new in technology – not so much from a geek out standpoint, but from a “how can this make our clients lives easier, more productive and save them money” standpoint. After all, technology in its highest form should be our servant – not our master!

Second, we lose sleep thinking about you! You count on us to know everything about everything technical – and we work hard to exceed those expectations. Making sure every single client is delighted is a top priority for everyone on our team, and we’re always trying to think of new ways to keep you thrilled and exceed your expectations. We all like to be treated like a VIP, don’t you? That’s why we offer VIP Blocks. Unlike many other IT support companies, we believe in providing value to our clients. Therefore, we choose to bill only when there’s work performed and not charge a monthly maintenance billing. Why pay us when you haven’t had any issues or support? Our clients appreciate that we track our time and bill accordingly.

The Genesis Story

In the beginning…(we’ve always wanted to say that) Genesis began in 1994 as a humble systems builder, expanding to networking and developing to be named to Microsoft’s Top Managed Partners two years in a row. Now Genesis Global Technologies serves organizations throughout North America with business productivity tools and services that are unmatched anywhere. What an honor!

Our technology is cutting edge, but our values are 2000 years old. We are passionate about technology, clients and each other. Whether you are a client, partner or team member, you are treated like a VIP, told the straight up truth and embraced into our family. Isn’t amazing how something so old fashioned can be so refreshing?

Things have come a long way since those early years for Genesis, but you will still find us as passionate, inspired and optimistic as ever. Our mission is commitment to excellence, clients for life and world domination – or at least market domination!


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