Are BIG BOX store computers a really good deal?

Are the great computer offers at the BIG BOX stores really a good deal?

So we’ve all done it.  We see the end cap and there it is, a brand name computer at an unbelievable price. We take a closer look.  Gee, this looks similar to the ones we use at work but the price is so much better. If you’ve taken the plunge you know that this deal may not be all that much of a deal.


If you’ve been down this road or you know someone who has, you know this “great deal” workstation can more than eat up all or more of your intended “savings”.  The deal could be missing vital components or software required to operate in your work environment.  What may look like a deal might be missing crucial components, like ‘is the operating system compatible with your network’, ‘is there a NIC card required’….If I’ve lost you with lingo, here’s what to do.

The next time you see your IT administrator or computer consultant, ask them, “what are the 5 things to look for when buying my next workstation?”.  Write down those 5 important items and those will be your great deal “deal breakers”.  This can make deciding on that ‘great deal’, a little easier.

Hope this helps!