Tech You Should Be Leveraging In Your Business

You’re probably using computers in your business.  Maybe you use Word, Excel, Powerpoint or even a specialty business software for your industry.

But if that’s the only way you’re using technology, you’re missing out.

Communications and Collaboration

Leverage cell phones.  Use your tech to connect your cell phone to your office systems.  Set up your cell phone to ring when your office phone rings so you can work from anywhere…anytime.

Interoffice chat.  How many times a day do you get up to chase someone down to tell them something?  Use interoffice chat to improve the frequency and quality of your communications inside (and outside) your office.

Shared Office calendar.  Save time and “ooops” by using a shared office calendar for meetings, outside appointments, and vacation schedules.

Teleconferences/web meetings.  Have people who work remotely or from home?  Stay connected and informed by having your weekly teleconferences or web meetings.

Working away from the office.  Use a remote desktop application to access files on your office computer.

Marketing and Customer Service

Social media.  If your company does not have a social media presence, you will want to get one now.  Social media isn’t just for marketing – it’s for customer service, it’s for “social listening” and it’s for connecting with your clients and partners.  Reach out to us if you need a social media strategy.

If you’re a service business, your customers should be able to schedule appointments with you or get help online.  Use online surveys and questionnaires to get customer feedback.

If you’re marketing to millennials, they expect online (or mobile app) access to you. 

Marketing media.  Every company needs a website.  But depending on the type of business, you should consider having a blog, video channel, online advertising and be doing email marketing (like this one). 

Keep in mind that your online presence is often the first and sometimes the only image people have of your business or brand.  So make it professional, modern and keep it up to date!